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Welcome to Gugin Academy Online Cross-Cultural Training modules. We have developed 12 1/2-day course modules that can be delivered anywhere in the world. We have now made an E-learning version of all 12 training modules. which you can take when you want it and where you want it.Cross-cultural course certificate from Gugin

Mix Online and class courses

As you can take all 12 modules online we do however recommend that you take some of the modules as class courses in order to fully benefit from the power of understanding cross-cultural analysis and communication.

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After each course module - in class or online - you will have the opportunity to hand in an assignment and take a test. If you pass both you will get a certificate issued by Gugin.

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Update the cultural competences in your team or organisation with training modules from Gugin. You can use the standard modules we already have or we can customise or develop modules specifically for your needs. It can be for new employees or when you go a strategic change or into new markets. Or maybe you want a course in a different language than English. No problem.

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    Available courses

    Most cultural conflicts arise because we interpret other people’s behaviour and appearance the wrong way. We can only change that if we develop a higher level of Cultural Intelligence, which is the purpose of this intensive course module.!

    Cultural Intelligence is firstly the ability understand and accept that our differences in cultural preferences lead to different behaviours and different value systems. Secondly Cultural Intelligence is the ability to leverage from that diversity instead of ending up in a conflict. This course module covers the first part.!

    Topics covered in Introduction to Cultural Intelligence 

    • There is more than one right way to do things.
    • The layers of Culture.
    • Identifying other people’s norms and values.
    • Cultural Identities.
    • How to change your own behaviour.

    Developing Cultural Intelligence is like climbing a ladder; the higher you get the more you can see and the more you will understand.!

    Who should attend “Introduction to Cultural Intelligence”?

    This module is the starting point for all Gugin’s cross-cultural and global leadership training, so we recommend this module for everyone who want to develop their level of cultural intelligence

    The price for this course is 79€ and is paid in advance via Stripe